May 19, 2011

Bhatta-Parsaul: Ajit Singh demands judicial probe

Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) chief Ajit Singh has demanded a judicial inquiry into the allegations of police atrocities at Bhatta-Parsaul, included rape and burning the bodies.
“If the general secretary of Congress had visited these villages and alleged that women were raped and farmers’ bodies were set on fire by the police, the government should at least order a judicial inquiry into the incident,” Singh said.
Singh said a team of RLD had visited Bhatta, Parsaul and Achepur villages on May 13 and found that about 20 farmers had fled the villages fearing arrest by the police and they have not returned yet.
“We found that policemen had assaulted the villagers and ransacked their houses. Two were found with broken hands and more than a dozen women with other injuries. About 40 houses were set on fire,” said RLD state chief Baba Hardev Singh, who led teh team. “We did not get complaints of rape or killing.”

The RLD demanded that ‘infrastructure’ and ‘tourism’ should be redefined in the new Land Acquisition Bill proposed by the Centre. “Because the state is misusing the existing definitions of ‘infrastructure’ and ‘tourism’ for facilitating development of hotels, resorts and private townships,” Ajit said.

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