May 11, 2011

Osama's son missing in Pakistan since US raid

Washington: One of Osama bin Laden's sons went missing in the midst of the US Navy SEALs' raid that eliminated the dreaded terrorist in his Abbottabad hideout more than a week ago, according to the slain al-Qaeda chief's three wives who are in the Pakistani custody.
The women said that one of bin Laden's sons has not been seen since the May 2 raid, unnamed Pakistani officials were quoted by ABC News as saying.
The son was not identified, but Pakistani investigators agreed that it appeared that someone was missing from the sprawling compound, the report said.

Later, however, one US official said there was no evidence that anyone was missing from the Abbottabad compound.
Senator Dianne Feinstein, Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, also told CNN that in a recent briefing with the CIA, there was no mention of a missing son.
US officials said that one of bin Laden's sons, Khalid, was killed in the raid. It is not known if another son, Hamza, was in the compound at the time of the raid, though his mother is reportedly among the wives of bin Laden who are in custody.
The US has previously denied the SEALs took anyone from the compound other than bin Laden's body.

Hyundai India to launch new models across segments

 The Hyundai Verna is essentially inspired by the concept of ‘large on the inside and compact outside’. The design treatment is trendy and stylish. Bold and muscular exterior lines with well-proportioned looks. A balanced front end with integrated full width lower intake, moderately flared wheel arches and optional 14" alloy wheels which lend it a sportier look. The strong shoulder lines and confident stance at the same time gives it a strong and well defined character. The overall impression it creates is of a well made car with a dynamic character which ensures that no matter where you go, the Verna, will be an eye-catcher and a stare-grabber par excellence. You just can’t miss it on the roads.

New Verna Ex Showroom Price, Delhi ( Rs.)
1.6 SX
1.6 SX(O)
1.6 SX(O) AT

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India releases list of 50 'most wanted fugitives' in Pak

NEW DELHI: Turning more heat on Pakistan, India on Wednesday released a list of 50 "most wanted fugitives", including underworld don Dawood Ibrahim, 26/11 mastermind and LeT founder Hafiz Saeed and dreaded terrorist Zaki ur Rehman Lakhvi, hiding in that country.

Five Pakistani army majors also feature in the list of India's top 50 wanted men, some of whom are believed to be hiding in Pakistan soil, according to Times Now.

Hafiz Saeed, who is involved in Mumbai terror attack and various other attacks in India, tops the list, which TIMES NOW has possession of.

The list also includes Jaish-e-Mohammed chief Maulana Masood Azhar, the principal accused in the 2001 Parliament attack after his release in exchange of hostages in the Khandhar hijack episode in 1999. 

The list is as follows:

Hafiz Mohammed Saeed
Sajjid Majid
Syed Hashim Abdur Rehman Pasha
Major Iqbal
Illyas Kashmiri
Rashid Abdullah
Major Sameer Ali 

Dawood Ibrahim
Memon Ibrahim
Chota Shakeel
Memon Abdul Razak
Anis Ibrahim
Anwar Ahmed Haji Jamal
Mohammed Dosa
Javed Chikna
Salim Abdul Ghazi
Riyaz Khatri
Munaf Halari
Mohammed Salim Mujhahid
Khan Bashir Ahmed
Yakub Yeda Khan
Mohammed Memon
Irfan Chaugule
Feroz Rashid Khan
Ali Moosa
Sagir Ali Shaikh
Aftab Batki
Maulana Mohammed Masood Azhar
Azam Cheema
Syed Zabiuddin Jabi
Ibrahim Athar
Azhar Yusuf
Zahur Ibrahim Mistri
Akhtar Sayeed
Mohammed Shakir
Rauf Abdul
Amanullah Khan
Sufiyan Mufti
Nachan Akmal
Pathan Yaqoob Khan
CAM Bashir
Lakhbir Singh Rode
Paramjit Singh Pamma
Ranjit Singh
Wadhawa Singh
Abu Hamza
Zaki ur Rehman Lakhvi
Amir Raza Khan