May 22, 2011

Hopkins defeats Pascal to become oldest major champion

MONTREAL — Bernard Hopkins became the oldest champion in boxing history Saturday night by winning a unanimous decision against Canadian Jean Pascal to claim Pascal's WBC title belt before a disbelieving, record Canadian indoor crowd of 17,560 at the Bell Centre here.

Hopkins, who turned 46 in January, eclipsed the record set in 1994 by George Foreman, who knocked out Michael Moorer in the 10th round to win the heavyweight title when he was 45.
Hopkins and Pascal started out slow, but their dislike for each other showed through as the fight wore on. Both fighters taunted each other repeatedly. Hopkins stuck his tongue out at Pascal several times and even came out before the seventh round doing pushups to prove he was not tired.
The tongue-wagging by Hopkins seemed to touch a nerve in Pascal, who responded by charging like a bull at Hopkins, who was able to avoid most of the punches and appeared to enjoy the process.
Judge Guido Cavaleri scored the fight 115-113, Danseco Reynante 116-112 and Anek Hongstongkam 115-114, all for Hopkins, who used his guile and years of experience to avoid some of Pascal's wild swings, and to tie up Pascal whenever he needed a breather.
Hopkins landed 131 of 409 punches, while Pascal landed just 70 of 377.
"First I want to thank God for the victory," said Hopkins. "It all started with Smoky Wilson (his mentor in prison). I didn't feel like I was 46 tonight. I felt more like 36."
As for becoming boxing's oldest champion of all time, Hopkins said, "It feels great. I set out to do exactly what I wanted to do, and that was break this record.
"I knew it was going to be a tough fight, but I wasn't going to be denied. You don't get a chance to do this too often.
"You're supposed to win titles in your 20s, not your 40s."
Hopkins called it one of the top two moments of his 23-year career, "right there alongside beating Felix Trinidad. I showed him a little bit of (Thomas) Hearns, (Joe) Walcott and Ray Robinson. But mostly I showed him me."
Pascal (26-2-1, 16 KOs) did not protest the loss. Instead he congratulated Hopkins on a great fight.
"He's a great champion," Pascale said. "He has a really good defense and a lot of good tricks.
"I'm a young fighter and I'm green. I was a young champion. These two fights will lead me to the next level. I learned a lot from Bernard and his style."
Foreman, watching the fight at home said, "I was on the edge of my seat every round. It was such an exciting fight. Bernard was the better athlete, the smarter fighter and in the better condition. Now that 46 has done it, next a 47, 48, 49 and 50 will do it. And if somebody does it at 60 then I'll have to get back in there.
"This was the best I've seen the way Bernard took charge of the fight with a young strong champion like Pascal. Long live the king."

Oscar De La Hoya -- "I Have My Flaws"

Oscar De La Hoya checked himself into rehab voluntarily and tells TMZ he feels he will come out "a stronger, healthier person."

As TMZ first reported, De La Hoya entered a rehab facility in California sometime within the last few weeks. We're told De La Hoya is seeking help for substance abuse issues. A source close to the boxing legend tells us he has "voluntarily commenced proactive treatment to address certain health and personal issues."

De La Hoya issued a statement to TMZ that reads, "After doing an honest evaluation of myself, I recognize that there are certain issues that I need to work on. Like everyone, I have my flaws, and I do not want to be one of those people that is afraid to admit and address those flaws.

"Throughout my career and my life, I have always met all challenges head-on, and this is no different. I am confident that with the support of my family and friends, I will become a stronger, healthier person.

"I ask for respect and privacy as my family and I go through this process."

Oscar De La Hoya -- In Rehab

Boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya has entered rehab ... TMZ has learned.

We're told De La Hoya is seeking treatment for a substance abuse problem and checked into a California-area facility within the last few weeks.

De La Hoya has posted a flurry of very introspective tweets in the past few days, including, "Take a deep breathe and let out all that anger that makes you hate. it really is going to be o.k."  and "Stop finding excuses not to live. life is controlled by what you make of it and not of what it makes of you."

De La Hoya retired back in 2009. He had a career record of 39-6, held several championship belts, and won an Olympic Gold Medal back in 1992.

Ko Tamil Movie Online 2011 VCD HQ

Starring: Jeeva, Ajmal Ameer, Karthika Nair, Piaa Bajpai, Prakash Raj, Sona Heiden and others
Director: Anand K V
Producer: Jayaraman
Banner: Red Giant Movies
Music: Harris Jayaraj

Note : Please Use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to watch our live movie & to avoid buffering please note that once you click on the button play, then click again on pause button and wait 3 mins then u can watch the movie without buffer.

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WWE Over The Limit 2011 Results Free Online Video & Download

WWE Over The Limit 2011 Results Free  Online Video & Download: Watch Over The Limit 2011 WWE in HD. May 22, World Wrestling Entertainment will produce the most extreme case of this year. This is the second edition of the event itself and it is produced and broadcast live by the WWE each year.
This is his second year in management will take place and it will be kept in place the Day of Judgement.
The last time it occurred, it was shown live on pay per view and it can not be too much doubt it will be broadcast live again. The event will be telecasted on May 22, 2011.
On the previous occasion, Joe Louis Arena in Detroit was the host venue, but this time it will be Seattle to Washington, where they will host the event.
In the first fight, Randy Orton will have on Christian for the World Heavyweight Championship at the moment. The others include fighting the fight against John Cena Miz in the I Quit Match for the WWE Championship and Jerry Lawler taking on Michael Cole in the third. Wade Barrett will fight against Ezekiel Jackson in the singles match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

Billion Dollar House – Ultimate Luxury or Living Hell?

This past week Mukesh Ambani, thanks to a big jump in the Indian stock market, was handed the title of “Richest Man in the World” but sadly for him a day later it turned out to be a miscalculation.
Even so, Ambani’s correct net worth is estimated in the $50 Billion range, ranking him comfortably in the world’s top 5 richest men.
What does someone with $50 Billion do when they need new digs?
Build a billion dollar home of course! Below, thanks to Mumbai Mirror are some of the specs:
Mumbai AmbaniResidence
According to the plan, the house will rise to a height of 173.12 meters, equivalent to that of a regular 60-storeyed residential building. However, Antilia will have only 27 storeys in all, which means each floor will have a ceiling considerably higher than the current average of nearly three meters.
Six floors for parking
The first six floors will be reserved for parking alone, and that too for cars belonging only to Mukesh’s family. Space for a total of 168 ‘imported’ cars has been earmarked here.
Floor for car maintenance
Sources said the Ambanis would prefer to have all their cars serviced and maintained at an in-house service centre. This centre will be set up on the seventh floor.
Entertainment floor
The eighth floor will have an entertainment centre comprising a mini-theatre with a seating capacity of 50.
Balconies with gardens
The rooftop of the mini-theatre will serve as a garden, and immediately above that, three more balconies with terrace gardens will be independent floors.
The ‘health’ floors
While the ninth floor will a ‘refuge’ floor – meant to be used for rescue in emergencies – two floors above that will be set aside for ‘health.’ One of these will have facilities for athletics and a swimming pool, while the other will have a health club complete with the latest gym equipment.
For guests
There will be a two-storeyed glass-fronted apartment for the Ambani family’s guests above the health floors. One more refuge floor and one floor for mechanical works will be built on top of these apartments.
The four floors at the top, that will provide a view of the Arabian Sea and a superb view of the city’s skyline, will be for Mukesh, his wife Neeta, their three children and Mukesh’s mother Kokilaben.
Air space floor
According to the plan, two floors above the family’s residence will be set aside as maintenance areas, and on top of that will be an “air space floor,” which will act as a control room for helicopters landing on the helipad above.
The plan states that three helipads are to be built on the terrace.
The place will require 600 full time staff to keep it running on a day to day basis!
I know we’ve all seen Trump’s gold encrusted New York apartment, but this guy is in another league entirely. I would sure be interesting to see the public reaction in America if anyone was to build a house this opulent. But given the horrific poverty that is present in India, to build a structure like this as a personal residence does seem to be highly insensitive at best.
I’m as much of a capitalist as anyone and Mr. Ambani can certainly do as he pleases with all that dough, but I do think an awareness of the fate of those around him should play into his actions.
Really will having a house this spectacular give him a better life; or will the separation it creates from virtually everyone else around him make it a regretful nightmare?

Mukesh Ambani's house shows lack of empathy for poor: Ratan Tata


Tata Group chairman Ratan Tata has described Reliance Industries chief Mukesh Ambani's 27-storey Mumbai home, Antilla , as an example of rich Indians' lack of empathy for the poor.

"It makes me wonder why someone would do that. That's what revolutions are made of," Tata said in an interview to The Times, London, when asked about Ambani's house. The Times had asked Tata the question in the context of widening income inequalities in India.

Tata also told The Times: "The person who lives in there should be concerned about what he sees around him and [asking] can he make a difference. If he is not, then it's sad because this country needs people to allocate some of their enormous wealth to finding ways of mitigating the hardship that people have."

The 73-year-old tycoon added: "We are doing so little about the disparity [in India]. We are allowing it to be there and wishing it away."

Tata, who has been questioned in the 2G scam case, told the British newspaper that he regretted that his conglomerate couldn't enter the growing aerospace industry in India. He said his attempts to enter the segment were thwarted by corruption. Corruption, he said, was "a major problem and was, in itself, "really frustrating".

Tata, due to retire next year, admitted that the search for his successor was taking longer than envisaged; one of the likely successors is his halfbrother, Noel Tata. The paper quoted Tata as saying he was not involved in the search for his successor, but suggesting that he did not think Noel, who took over as head of international operations last year, was ready for the role.

"I think if he is to run this he should have greater exposure than he has had. Partly his not having it has been his own choice," Tata told the paper.

Tata said the UK, where he runs businesses as diverse as tea to automobiles to steel, was in the grip of an erroneous belief that "we are no longer capable of making things and are destined to rely on the financial sector and service industries to keep our islands afloat".

He added, "I have a greater degree of bullishness about the UK and what it stands for. But nobody seems to want to exert the effort to make the UK truly competitive or bring it back to the glory that it was."

The UK, Tata told The Times, "needs a real push. It needs nationalism. The sort of spirit that comes during a war. It needs people really to want to see the UK sitting again, maybe not as a colonial power, but as an economic power".

He told the paper that India was lucky to have a Barack Obama in the US and a David Cameron in the UK. "Both of them are open to ideas; they are very pragmatic in their views. Each of them feels that India is a land of some opportunity for themselves," he said.

shri shikshayatan college, shri shikshayatan college admission 2011, shri shikshayatan college application forms 2011

shri shikshayatan college, shri shikshayatan college admission 2011, shri shikshayatan college application forms 2011.

Shri Shikshayatan College its an undergraduate women's liberal arts college in Kolkata, India. It is affiliated with the University of Calcutta.

Dance Ke Superstars Winner | Winner of Dance Ke Superstars Grand Finale | Team Jalwa Became Winner of Dance Ke Superstars on ZEE TV | Winner Dance Ke Superstars

Dance Ke Superstars Winner | Winner of Dance Ke Superstars Grand Finale | Team Jalwa Became Winner of Dance Ke Superstars on ZEE TV | Winner Dance Ke Superstars

Dance Ke Superstars Grand Finale
Dance Ke Superstars winner is Team Jalwa. ZEE TV celebrates Dance Ke Superstars grand finale on 21st May, 2011. Finally, Team Jalwa became winner of Dance Ke Superstars on ZEE TV.

Grand finale of Dance Ke Superstars is introduced by the host of the Show – Manish Paul. He welcomed judges of the Show - Shiamak Davar and Remo D'Souza. Geeta Ma, Rajeev and Marzi are also seen as the judge of the Dance Ke Superstars grand finale. Grand Master - Mithun Da is seen as Maha Guru in the grand finale of Dance Ke Superstars on ZEE TV.

Dance Ke Superstars Show was based on the dancing superstars of DID Season 1, DID Season 2 and Dance Ke Baap. The Show entertained us 5 weeks. After the great competition of 5 weeks, the Show celebrates its grand finale. We have watched the great performances of dancing superstars in solo round, dance ke takkar round, 2 ke dhamal round etc.

CBSE Class 12 Result on 23 May 2011

Finally CBSE has officially announced the result declaration date for class 12. It will be declared on 23 May 2011. Class 12 students can get the result from
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To get Result over CBSE website visit the link below :

CBSE Result Website

Now it is clear that CBSE Class 10 Result will be declared only after class 12 result. The information provided by leading news-papers was incorrect. We expect class 10 results on 25-26 May 2011 as it is usually declared on third or fourth day after class 12 results.

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Central Board of Secondary Education

CBSE Class XII Exam Results 2011

Central Board of Secondary Education
CBSE Class XII Exam Results 2011
Likely to be announced on 23rd May 2011

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CBSE Class XII Results 2011 will be Available on the following websites, when declared.


JET - JET Results 2011 - Punjab Joint Entrance Test -JET- Results 2011 - Published

JET - JET Results 2011 - Punjab Joint Entrance Test -JET- Results 2011 - Published.

JET Results 2011 has been announced.

Punjab State Board of Technical Education and Industrial Training released their Joint Entrance Test -JET- 2011 Results and admissions to various diploma courses in Punjab state for the academic year -2010-2011. The results of JET Exam 2011 has been declared.

Students can check there results by visiting the below website

Veera Telugu movie review, watch online trailer video, songs and photos

The Telugu movie 'Veera' starring Ravi Teja as Veera Venkata Satyanarayan, Kajal Agarwal and Tapsee will release on May 20, 2011 in India and across the world.
See Veera movie stills.
The movie is directed by Ramesh Varma and produced by Ganesh Indukuri. Music is directed by Thaman S.
See photo gallery.
Veera is a romantic-action entertainer movie in which 'Kick' movie fame Shaam is playing yet another police role. Magadheera beauty Kajal Agarwal is paired up with Ravi Teja for the first time.

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Veera (1994) is a love-comedy directed by Tamil director Suresh Krishna Tamil and Ilayaraja's music. It stars Rajinikanth, Meena and Roja Selvamani in the lead roles. He was baptized in Hindi, double game - a romantic thriller. This is a remake of the Telugu movie Mogudu Allaria (1992), Mohan Babu, Meena and Ramya Krishna. There was also later dubbed in Telugu Veera.