May 14, 2011

Rajinikanth's Death rumors creates furore

 When you love some one more than a GOD, this is what may happen. While Election results of Tamil Nadu is the hottest subject in Chennai, all of the sudden hot news went on to reach all around India about the death of Super Star Rajinikanth. As we know that Super Star is hospitalized two times in last two weeks suffering with various health abnormalities. He is even planning to go USA for further treatment.

At this juncture, few crazy gossipmongers who are concerned with no release of latest developments about Rajini’s health have started to propagate the gossip of his death. Soon after the results of Tamil Nadu assembly elections came out, a worst ever rumour spread all over the state through SMS, emails and word of mouth on Rajini's health condition. Thousands of Rajini fans were stunned and speechless on hearing the rumour and rushed to Rajini's Poes Garden residence. Anxious fans made anxious calls to Super Star's house and a sense of shock prevailed in Tamilnadu.

Quickly Rajinikanth’s wife Latha spoke to media clearing all such unwarranted fake news. In a press release, Latha said, ' Rajnikanth is fit and fine. He is taking rest and his health is good'. In fact the star hero is busy analyzing the trends of Tamil Nadu election results at his residence in Poyes Gardens.

She further said all is well with Rajnikanth thanks to blessings and prayers of his fans and well-wishers.

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