May 14, 2011

Avantika not happy with Imran Khan

The busy actor has not had the time to take his wife Avantika for an exotic honeymoon, even months after their marriage.

It’s been more than three months that Imran Khangot married to Avantika Malik. However the actor has not been able to take his wife on an exotic honeymoon, especially like the ones that they show in movies.

Imran has been busy working on his two big projects – Yash Raj’s Mere Brother Ki Dulhan (with Katrina Kaif) and Karan Johar’s Short-Term Shaadi (with Kareena Kapoor), ever since his marriage. Incidentally, while both the films revolve around marriage, the actor has not been able to keep the commitment of taking his wife to a romantic getaway after marriage.

Moreover his impending honeymoon plans don’t seem to come across anytime soon. With his next filmDelhi Belly scheduled for release in July, mamu jaan Aamir Khan, who also produces the film, wants Imran to be around for promotions. So it seems like Avantika Malik will have to wait for some more time before she gets lucky. However with all the attention that her husband is getting, we don’t think she has any reason to complain.

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