May 17, 2011

'Castle' Renewed For Season 4

ABC announced at the Television Critics Association midseason press tour that Castle has renewed for season 4. Moreover, ABC President Paul Lee praised the shows creative form and performance this year in the not so great Monday-at-10 timeslot. This amazing third season of Castle has topped CBS’s Hawaii Five-O reboot several times and has continued to ‘show its mettle this year’, Lee gushed.
“It’s a show that I think hits the target of our brand. We have a really powerful procedural there.”
The ratings for Castle continue to dominate, with another season high Monday in the 18-49 demographic, coming in second only to Dancing With The Stars. Castle drew a staggering 12.556 million views adjusting up to a 3.2 rating.
Spoilers Guide will be covering season 4 of Castle and I will be delivering all the spoilery goodness to you. So, be sure to check back in for news, photos, promos and all things Castle. Sound off below with your thoughts on Season 3, or you know, anything you want to speculate and discuss ;) !

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