Apr 29, 2011

Teen maar Movie Review

Tollywood's biggest crowd puller Powerstar Pawan Kalyan whose previous film 'Puli' bombed badly at the box office was in a bounce back mode. Without trusting local scripts this time, Kalyan opted to do the remake of Bollywood blockbuster 'Love Aaj Kal' with his trusted team. Director Jayant C Paranji and writer Trivikram Srinivas taking it up as a mission to bring back Pawan in his form, made lot of changes to Love Aaj Kal to suit Pawan's Pawanisms. We watched this film today as Pawan Mania hit the state by a storm....
Micheal Velayudham (Pawan Kalyan) is a chef in South African city Capetown. He is an easy going chap who flirts with girls and makes the most of his affairs. His ambition is to go to US and work in Newyork for a stockbroking company.  He falls in love with one of his aquaintance Meera Shastri(Trisha) an art restoration professional in Capetown. After an year of having an affair with her, he decides to break up as she has to move to India for work. He thinks long distance relationships don't work and hence they agree for a mutual breakup. In Capetown, Micheal meets Senapathi(Paresh Rawal) the owner of a restaraunt who narrates the love story of his friend Arjun Palwai(Pawan) with Vasumati(Kriti) which had happened 30 years ago. Meanwhile, after Meera moves to India, Micheal fails to connect with any other girl. To prove a point to her that he moved on, he 'falls' in love with a blond girl Michelle. He comes to India with some pretext and meets Meera. However, Meera is proposed by her family friend Sudheer(Sonu Sood) who is a politician. She too agrees to marry Sudheer only to prove a point to Micheal that she moved on in her life. Micheal who is frustrated that Meera married Sudheer, gets desperate and finds his dream job in US. Despite winning his job, he still feels the void due to Meera's absence in his life. The rest of the story is on how Michael corrects his errors and how Arjun Palwai's story makes an impact on his deciscions.
Pawan Kalyan stole the show completely. He cried, laughed, jumped, hopped, kissed, yelled, mimiced, fought, danced, flirted, giggled, smirked and emoted every feeling that encompasses human emotions. His action is so endearing that it makes you forget the length of the movie. Pawan Kalyan was perhaps at ease in this film because unlike in other movies, he didn't need to give messages, punch dialogues,forceful poetic revolutionary statements or better the society.He did what he is best at-entertain and he does it in his own style and elegance that is unparalleled in Telugu cinematic history.  There are a few moments that make the audience drop their jaws in wonder. The scene where Pawan gets sweets for Kriti all the way from Varanasi and gives it to her even without saying a single word is reference worthy action. Trisha is beautiful and acts well. Her chirpy yet mature action is instantly likeable. Her potrayal in this film is worth appreciation and makes her look like a dream girl friend for many. Kriti Karbandha is tailor made for 'Vasumathi'. She is bound to get more meatier roles after this convincing act. Though she has barely 10 dialogues, she speaks pages and books through her eyes. Sonu Sood, Paresh Rawal and Russian model were good in their short roles. Ali in his blink and miss role had nothing much to do. The best thing about this film is, it didn't need a comedian.Pawan Kalyan managed it all.
The story is overtly urban and doesn't meet regular commercial requirements. It will be interesting to see how it fares at the box office in non metro areas.
Cringe worthy moments
The screenplay is so slow that you could take a nap between each scene. The story seemed draggy and never ending. The narration was at such slow pace that it almost endangered the hardwork of Pawan Kalyan and the other stars for this film. The background score is almost negligible, out of place, ineffective and fails to capture the emotional high in the performance and script. The editing could have been better.  The sync sound( dialogue delivery being recorded on the spot without dubbing in the studio) tried for Pawan Kalyan took away the seriousness in the first half of the film. While Pawan's voice remained flat and plain, the other characters which were dubbed dominated him which made for an unpleasant watch. The director though tried his best not to copy Love Aaj Kal as it is, in the process failed to make an impact that movie had made on the audience. Poor screenplay and background score must be blamed for minimising the impact of the original film in this remake. Though there are no fights in Hindi version of the film, keeping Pawan's image in mind, the director forced three fights in a few scenes which was irritating.
Clap worthy moments
The dialogues in this movie have a repeat value. They make sense to the script.Pawan immortalised a few of Trivikram's dialogues with his trademark delivery style. For instance, "Devudu Dippa Meda Okati Kotti, Edche Lope Chethilo Oka Choclate Pedthadu' from Pawan's mouth evoked applause from the audience. Trisha with her teary eyes says ' Andanga Ledhani Ammani, Koppadadani Nannani Vadileyalem Kada' too broadened the eyes of the audience.
If that didn't suffice your quench for impressive dialogues,here goes one more from Pawan while he asks his colleague to translate his scoldings to his boss, " Veediki english lo translate chesi cheppu. Bhoothulu Effects pokunda choodu'.
I am tempted to download all the Pawan's dialogues.But we end with one more,
"Evala repu girl friends, street dhatithe ne guarentee ledu.Idi Samudralu Dhativelthondi..Inkem Guarnetee Vuntundi' will make you clap for sure.
Oh! Not to forget the Italian dialogues from Pawan Kalyan. He says with his unusual charm,
"Istrada laptro Valantra Sal enthusias ..Kanastra..'. Though we don't understand what it means, we surely know that was cute.
The song Aale Bale was well sung by Hemachandra. Pawan's mass steps choreographed on this song invites whistles from audience. The music of this movie is worth purchasing the audio CD.  At a time when most songs are copied, shamlessly lifted or cliched, Manisharma gave foot tapping tunes for this movie. The tracks 'Gelupu Thalupule Theese Aakashame', 'Oho Basthi Dorasani' and 'Chiguru Boniya..' are Manisharma's best music after Khaleja. The locations are fresh and unseen in Telugu cinema.  Instead of shooting in well known Bangkok, UK and European streets which are perhaps now byheart names for Telugu audience, director Jayant chose to shoot in South Africa which was refreshing on the screen.
Pawan's costumes for both Micheal and Arjun's characters were apt and he carried them off with his power packed attitude. The retro look of the 70s was authentic and believable. Infact Pawan Kalyan dances like the heroes of those days in a song which is pleasure to watch. Ditto with Trisha. She showed off her thighs and flaunted her flawless figure in her cute role. Kriti as a conservative young girl managed to look decent in her half sarees, jasmine flowers and vermilion smeared forehead.
Pawan Kalyan surely focused on this movie and conciously worked hard not to disappoint his fans. He succeeds in his attempt. It is a good movie that makes for a pleasant watch.
Released on: 14th April, 2011

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