Apr 29, 2011

Mr.Prabhas movie Review

After romancing Kajal in 'Darling' that released last year, Prabhas repeated her in 'Mr Perfect' to recreate that magic at the box office. The director Dasaradh who after a long gap made Mr Perfect raised the expectations of the fans by releasing a promising trailer. Taapsee who played the second lead lent her own voice for dubbing. This tri-angular love story set with Australia and India as the backdrop released today. We watched it admist Prabhas fanfare and this is what we felt about the flick...
Vicky(Prabhas) is a youngster who does things at his will. He doesn't believe in adjustments and compromises in life. Priya(Kajal) is childhood friend of Vicky. Their families are also close to each other.Vicky's dad(Nasser) and Priya's father(Muralimohan) decide that their kids should get married to each other. Vicky however wants to finish his videogames project in Australia. Priya too hates Vicky from the childhood. Both of them reluctantly agree to meet each other and think about the alliance. Vicky comes with his family to India and stays in Priya's house as his sister is getting married soon. While in that village, Vicky and Priya hate each other initially but start liking each other later. Priya starts eating non-veg,gives up her pet dogs and wears skimpy clothes for Vicky. He realises that she has to change a lot of herself for him and hence refuses to marry her. On the otherside, Vicky finds Maggie(Taapsee) an NRI through a choclate company contest where his likes and her likes match completely.He thinks she is the best girl for her. Meanwhile, Priya comes to Australia to attend her brother in law's wedding. The rest of the story is on how Vicky reconsiders his deciscion and how Maggie and Priya respond to this change in attitude to life.
This is certainly not Prabhas' best performance. He is not at ease in this role. His expressions and dialogues are out of place. He was far better in his previous film 'Darling' while doing comic acts. He is caught between appearing like an Indian and also a NRI. He doesn't demonstrate the energy he carried in his earlier films. The element of robust Prabhas is missing in this picture. Kajal Agarwal looks a million bucks in the film. She is mind boggling in her sarees. She has certainly evolved as one of the most beautiful actresses in Telugu cinema in the recent times. However,her role as a village belle and her beauty parloured curly hair, stylised eyebrows and make up are a contrast. Taapsee did a good job in her short role. Though her Telugu is funny, she deserves a pat on her back for making an attempt to dub for herself. She is drop dead gorgeous in the songs with her mini skirts and shorts.Bramhanandam has definitely overacted in this movie. His jokes are not funny at all. He needs to develop better expressions and comedy skits because most of what he has done in this film is similar to his role in Athadu.Besides, his histrionics offlate are as old as he is. It is hightime he goes into a huddle, introspect on his roles and be selective before he himself becomes a joke.His charecter 'Jalsa Kishore' is silly. Ditto with Raghubabu. He played the role of brother in law of Prakash Raj. Now hasn't he played this role in hundred odd films he has done before? Prakash Raj as father of Taapsee too has the same old expressions. He is perhaps the senior most father of the bride in Telugu cinema. There is nothing worth mentioning about Muralimohan, Shiyaji Shinde, K Viswanath or any other actor in this flick. Apart from Kajal and Prabhas, the others in this movie have hardly anything to do with the script.
Clapworthy moments
The chemistry between Prabhas and Kajal is outstanding. They look like real life couple and are very convincing as a pair. Prabhas' expression while driving the scooty with Kajal in the backseat is hilarious. A few dialogues were impressive. For instance, 'Neeku Gelupu Guest Lantidhi.Appudu Appudu vachchi velthundi. Kani Naaku Gelupu Friend Lantidhi.Eppudu Naathone Untundhi.'  from Prabhas was well recieved by the audience. The fight sequences shot in the swimming pool and in the village backdrop were well choreographed. The song 'Aakasham Badhalaina' was aesthetically shot. Prabhas and Taapsee look stunning in their leather jackets, shades and cool t-shirts. Both the wedding songs in this film were well presented. The lyrics of 'Rao Gari Abbayi' and 'Light Teesko Bhayya Light Teesko' are well written. They are quirky yet meaningful. The tatoo on Prabhas' arm and Taapsee's neck are cool and give them a hep look. The music of this film is of repeat value and a great asset.
Cringeworthy moments
You don't have to worry about the story at all if you reach the theatre late. If you watch the climax, you can still understand this story because you have already watched it in hundreds of Indian films. Besides the narration is so slow that many in the theatre were busy chatting with their neighbours, checking their time, smsing or totally lost in their dreams. The screenplay is pathetic. The background score is horribly cliched. The dialogues are as lengthy as Prabhas' legs.Everyone in this film gives a lecture.Prabhas gives lengthy lecture on love, Viswanath on family bonding, Prakash Raj on youth and responsibility, Nasser on friendship,Taapsee on her new found enlightenment and the list is endless. This message oriented cinema will test your patience and drag you to a head massage parlour for sure. The story of this film doesn't start until interval and is never ending after interval.Instead of taking the crew to Australia, the producer played miser and used visual effects in their backdrop which looks disgusting. With fake US buildings pasted with visual effects, the director shot a few scenes trying to convince us that it is Australia.This a big turn off. Prabhas needs to change his make up man immediately. His lipstick and dark circles around the eyes take away his charishmatic spell on the audience. The comedy scenes of Bramhy, Master Bharath and Raghubabu are done to death in our movies. It is a pity that the script writers can't come up with something new, refreshing and unused in our films for these talented actors. In the song 'Rao Gari Abbayi', Prabhas' voice and lip movement don't match. The costumes of actors other than Prabhas, Taapsee and Kajal are a curse to this film. The floral pink shirts and oversized suits to Prakash Raj and co make them look wierd.The senti dialogues in the film are yawn inducing and terrible to bear.
The movie has an interesting point in the story but it is lost in poor narration. It is cliched and average. Watch it only if you are a Prabhas-Kajal fan.
Released on: 22nd April, 2011

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